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December 9 2016

Hi Teresa, my family and I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for our beautiful Tullulah. She is exactly what we were looking for and such a sweetheart, so much fun, and such a good girl! Also, thank you for all your tips/information on pick up day - so very informative for bringing home our first puppy. We are totally in love!!

- Kelsey, Mason, Oliver, and Tullulah

December 4 2016

Sunny loves his photo shoots--he is such a good boy (and a ham when it comes to have his picture taken). Merry Christmas!

- John Soares

October 26 2016

He is absolutely an awesome puppy! He is adorable.

-Hemalatha Gopalakrishnan


October 2 2016

Hello! Jaida turned one last week!!! She is doing fabulous and has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Just wanted to send you photos of how she's doing! Thank you!

- Ashley

July 30 2016

Hi, About 8 1/2 years ago now we purchased a beautiful female Golden from you and she has been a wonderful dog. We named her Bailey and she truly is great. We are interested in purchasing another female Golden and would like to know if you have any available now or when you will have some and the price for a puppy currently.

Thank you,

Tracy & Larry Biegel

May 12 2016

Hello, We bought our Golden, Lollie, from you 8 years ago! He is amazing - such a playful and sweet dog! When he’s not laying in the cool dirt, he laying at our feet! We are considering purchasing another golden sometime in the near future.

- Jane

March 2 2016

Hi Terry, just wanted to send along some pictures of little Loki :) He's 12 weeks now and absolutely wonderful. Thank you for such a great puppy!

- Sishi Chen

March 17, 2016

Hi, Terry. Here is a recent picture of Duke - 15 weeks, he's a big boy!

- James Wood

January 16, 2016

As you can see, Shamrock is a beautiful spoilt boy. We just adore him!

-  Majella Chute

January 6, 2016

Merlin is doing incredibly well! He has been such a delight to have in our lives every day. He has already learned his basic commands, and even roll over! He had a wonderful holiday season and all of his extended family members loved meeting him. Thank you again for your work and sharing such an amazing gift with us!

- Thomas Grund

January 3, 2016

Hello! We brought home a golden doodle puppy from Cheyenne Farms almost 3 years ago and we just love our little boy Riley! Attached is a picture...he turns 3 in February. He is sweet and funny and loves to cuddle on our laps even though he is about 60 lbs. Do you currently have any goldendoodle puppies or any upcoming litters this year? We have been thinking about getting another :) Thanks so much!

-Caitlin & Tim Stewart

December 6, 2015

Hi Teri, Update on Scout. We picked up our puggle early 2011. He has been the greatest. Well tempered, loving, energetic, athletic, fun etc. He is so well behaved and healthy. He is the greatest and we thank you for our Scout. See the picture. He is a big boy at 33 pounds for a puggle. Not much fat, just a bunch of muscle and athleticism. He has never been sick. Picture taken today 12/6/15.

- Greg Mattus West Hartford, Ct.

November 11, 2015

Hi Terri, We got our puggle from you over 2 years ago and we adore her, she is such a good dog. I know someone who is interested in adding one to their family and I was wondering if you will have any litters in the near future. I've attached a few pictures of Ollie (puggle) and my daughter's dog Morgan (Aussie). It's hard to get a good picture of the 2 of them, because they never stop playing when they are together. Thank you for these 2 wonderful additions to our family.


November 15, 2015

Calvin says hello and so far we are doing pretty well!


Tina and Hans Liechti

September 8, 2015

Hi Terry,

Just thought I'd send you an update of Sunny along with some pictures. He is doing fine - he is so smart and likes to play with little people along with grown-ups too - he is growing so fast - he's very healthy and energetic - he eats and drinks well and he doesn't mind ice cubes towards nighttime if he's still thirsty – he sleeps all night and sometimes climbs into bed in the morning – he fits right in with us, our family and our friends – he is such a good boy. SUNNY's doctor is Dr. Turco who is back in Westerly. Maybe sometime in the autumn we will make it up to your kennels to visit you or perhaps you can make a trip to our house to see Sunny. Once again, Thank you! Your friends, John, Bianca, Jessica & Sunny

February 21, 2015
Hi Terry,
Here is a birthday picture of Muno! Can't believe we have had him for a year already. He is doing fantastic!
Bowab Family

April 23, 2015
Hi Terry!
We adopted Bean on Father's Day in 2013, and today we celebrated Bean's 2nd birthday! Just wanted to let you know how much we love him! Here are a few pictures of him over the last couple of years! Thank you for a great pup!
My kids always ask about "Bean's brother". Did he find a happy place too?
Kelly Roach

March 8, 2015
Hi Teresa!
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Daisy, she is absolutely amazing and we couldn't be happier!

Thank you!
Kim, Ray, Max, and Callie Bryant

March 1, 2015
Hi Terry,
We hope you are handling the winter alright. Jax is 21 lbs at 5 months. He is a hit as everyone says how beautiful he is. He did great in Agility class but we aren't continuing as I want to make him a Therapy Dog. He's quite the "prancer" as you can see in the pics. We feel very fortunate to have him...he is spoiled. Thanks and have a great day!
Tammy & Chris

January 31, 2015
Hi Terry,
Just wanted to check in with you and share some pictures of this spoiled baby girl. She is so so sweet, we are loving her!


January 30, 2015
Hi Terry,
So many times, I have thought to contact you to update you on our beautiful Golden Doodle, Brady. He is 3 1/2, and we brought him home on September 17, 2011. He has brought happiness and laughter to our family every single day, and we cannot imagine life with out him. There couldn't be a better pup or loyal companion. He loves to play catch and frisbee, and play with three other Doodles in our neighborhood. He is admired by all who meet him. Here are some pictures of our handsome boy!

January 24, 2015
Hi Terry....just wanted to send you a pic of Finnegan. Getting so big and he is so smart. We love him! :)

January 23, 2015
Hi Terry, Buddy is on our billboard downtown!! Also, he is a therapy dog at our hospital. We go every week and everyone loves him!! Hope you are well! One of yours makes it big!!!

January 17, 2015
Hi Teresa! This is Griffin, 6 no. now and is doing well. Just got groomed too! Hope all is well and thanks again, Ray and Char