We will currently have 2 new litters of Golden Retrievers born beginning of November for Christmas go home. We  also will be having Golden-doodles born mid-November, we will allow Christmas pictures for under the tree, we suggest a letter from Santa with a special date in mid-January for go home. We will be having some Boxers born mid-December. For these we can do Christmas pictures, with a prospected February go home date.  If you would like to go on a waiting list for one of these litters please email us your full name address phone number and what list you are looking to be placed on. 


All pups come with first set of shots, worming, Vet exam, as well as a 2 year health guarantee on genetic disorders. We do have waiting lists for our upcoming litters. 

UNLIKE OTHER BREEDERS WE DO NOT TAKE DEPOSITS UNTIL WE HAVE A PUP FOR YOU. We do require when pups are born for you to come so we can MEET you and you get to see parents and PEEK at the pups, at that time is when paperwork is filled out and you are required to place a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT on a pup. Pick out of your new family member is not done until after Vet exam on pick up day. 

Because of the chance of cross contamination to our newborn pups we DO NOT allow unscheduled visits, we do however try to take pictures as they grow. 

Our Christmas Story & Policy

Everyone knows how wonderful it is to have a puppy under the tree at Christmas! However, this is not a fair treatment of the pups. Our policy is to have pups go home after the holiday. There are so many things going on; other presents, new toys, company over, and overall a lot of distractions for the family and the pups. This leads to the pups having accidents and do not get the full attention that a pup needs when they first come home. We recommend doing a couple different things, we recommend buying a crate, dog toys, blankets, etc, and putting them under the tree. Then explaining that the family has another special day planned to come pick out the pup. Now of course you can come and take pictures of the litter or if you are getting a male pup take pictures of the males or females take pictures of the females. Then put the picture in a frame and the family can see that they are in fact getting their pup and will look forward to that special day. 

One customers solution to a Christmas pup:

As we all know sometimes the pups are just not old enough to go home Christmas day. A few years ago I had a litter that were going to be ready the beginning of January, this customer came and he told me a story about when he bought his first golden. He said his older daughter wanted a pup for Christmas and the breeders pups weren't going to be ready until January, so this is what he did. He bought a crate, toys, etc, as I told you about above, his daughter was 4 years old, he placed them under the tree with a stuffed animal in the crate and a letter from SANTA! The letter read as follows. 

Dear Sarah, Santa knew you wanted a pup for Christmas, here is your pup, this is a magical pup, if Santa sees that you love this pup and take care of this pup, he may turn into a real pup! Please take care of and give lots of love to this pup! -SANTA

Well the pups were ready about 2 weeks after Christmas and everyday Sarah took care of her pup. One night while Sarah was asleep her dad went and got her pup and switched the pup for the stuffed animal. The man told me they named the pup Magic and until his daughter was 12 she believed that her pup was magical. When he was telling me this story his mother, and Sarah's grandmother was crying because it was such a nice way to surprise Sarah and get her a pup. 

So this is another idea for the pups that will not be ready for Christmas day!