This is one of our past pups his name is Kobe and he lives in Boston

January 11 2019


 Hi Terry! Just wanted to send a picture of our  new pup Cody with Finnegan. They are getting along just fine. Thanks for  2 great dogs! Barbara Sweet

December 28 2018



Hello Terry,

My  name is Carolyn Saillant.  We found our Golden Doodle, Brady,  at Cheyenne Farm in September 2011.  He is the love of our family and  everyone who meets him.  He and I are currently in the process of  becoming a credentialed pet therapy team!! 

We  are seriously considering getting another Doodle, so I wanted to get in  touch with you.  Ideally, I would like a carbon copy of Brady: best  temperament and stunningly handsome!!  I'm a teacher, so bringing him  home in late June or July would be the best.  Brady was a little older  when we brought him home- about 14 weeks and we paid $600 for him.  Do  you think you will have any puppies that will be a good match?

This is our beautiful, wonderful, most loved boy, Brady!!  

Wishing you the best for 2019!!

Carolyn Saillant

December 27 2018



Good morning Terry,

I Hope you had a nice Christmas. I’ve been meaning to send you some pictures of Cheerio. He has gotten big!

He’s a really good dog.

Thanks again.

-Mike Crowley

September 24 2018



Hi Terry,

Wanted to “brag” a bit  about Blue! He’s doing very well. Sleeps,eats, plays .... sleeps, eats,  plays... he’s simply wonderful. He went to the vet last week. No worms. It’s only  been 2 weeks yet it feels like we’ve always had him!

Hope  you are well. One of our sons is house hunting, when they find one he  plans on calling you about your next litter of Boxers.

Thanks again!


September 23 2018



Hi Terry,

Wanted  to share an update on Finley, the mini aussie doodle we took home on  June 30th. He is doing great! Already 15 lbs, loves to play with other  dogs, and knows basic commands (sit, paw, down, etc.). We get stopped on  the street all the time by strangers wondering what kind of dog he is,  he’s so striking!

Finley  is so much fun and we love having him be a part of our family. Thanks  again for everything. Attached is a recent photo, taken at the dog park  shortly after his first grooming this week. 

Aneri and Harison  

June 14th 2018


 Hi Terry!

I wanted to say hello and send you some pics  of Ziggy Jones! He was the mystery coat pup from December's  Aussiedoodle litter, last male to go home. 

Ziggy  has changed and grown so much since he came home. He currently weighs  17lbs and is almost 6months old. I think he's going to be a big boy! His  coloring ranges from shades of black, grey, tan, red, and white. 

Such  a fun, loving pup! He's sweet and spunky, perfect attitude. Loves his  food and loves to make friends with anyone/thing in his path.  Extreeemely smart. Plays great fetch and can do many tricks. Loves the  beach, but not the waves. Great with kids. And thinks he can scare away  the vacuum, broom, flat iron, or mop. I couldn't have asked for a better  puppy! 

He's such a stud that people  constantly stop to ask me what kind of breed he is and where I got him.  Cheyenne Kennel Farm! Thank you! 


November 10th, 2017


 Picked up two Boxer pups (one for me one for my sister) on 11/4/17. No  flees, No worms, soft clean fur, brought them to two different Vets.  Both commented at how remarkable well kept they were and were given 2  outstanding clean bills of health. I will happily refer anyone to  Teresa. She truly takes well care for all her dogs and puppies. It is  worth the trip to visit her facility and the dogs are worth every penny! 

March 2nd, 2017


 We bought our goldendoodle here in 2010 in September.  Best dog ever. We  couldn't  ask for a better  puppy. I highly  recommend  Cheyenne  Farm  Kennel . Juno born June 15th 2010. We adore him. Great personality,  great health. 

December 9th 2016


Hi Teresa, my family and I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for our beautiful Tullulah. She is exactly what we were looking for and such a sweetheart, so much fun, and such a good girl! Also, thank you for all your tips/information on pick up day - so very informative for bringing home our first puppy. We are totally in love!! 

- Kelsey, Mason, Oliver, and Tullulah

December 4th 2016


Sunny loves his photo shoots--he is such a good boy (and a ham when it comes to have his picture taken). Merry Christmas!

- John Soares

July 9th, 2015


 If you are looking for a puppy this place is awesome. We got our puggle  here. She is the best dog ever. Terri takes care of these dogs and  treats all the dogs like they are her own. The farm and kennel are so  clean. The farm is set up so there is lots of room for the dogs to run  around.